Marquis Palace



Since 2015 the Marchesale Palace is the official seat of the Summer School on method and social research organized by the Paideia Association with the patronage of the Department of Political Sciences and Communication of the University of Salerno.

The origin of the noble family Carafa, dates back to the XV century. Their importance grew until, 1569, when Francesco Alderisio conquered the Feudo of Tortorella. In 1600, for the wedding of N.D Victoria Alderisio, with Giovan Battista Carafa Steelyard, Tortorella passed to the family Carafa Steelyard. The title of Marquis of Tortorella was granted July 20, 1710 to spouses Teresa Carnation and Francesco Carafa (branch that then extincted).

The Palace has a typical architecture of Cilento, and still retains a particular inner courtyard paved in stone.

It is possible to admire the portal in limestone and in the courtyard the well in press olive wood. At its base, a Latin inscription invites us to draw the water, and specifies the names of the financier and the implementers. (in the 1758 Andrea Carafa realizes with his own money this work, carried out according to the rules of art by sculptors Nicola Majna and Gerardo de Sarlo from Padula.).

Opposite is the abode of the Family Cammarano, formerly Palazzo Marinelli, the suggestive portal of limestone of the Palace, now owned by the family Tortoriello, has carved on stone the initials “MC M.F. A.D. 1756 “indicating the two brothers Carmine and Francesco Marinelli, excellent tailors originating from Amalfi, and guardians of the coastal tower of sighting in La Petrosa at Villammare (Salerno).


Marker (lat: 40.142468, lng: 15.609166)


XVI Century


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