The portals are a precious testimony to the significance and special care given to such emergencies by the families of the Borgo’s rank, which still appear marked by a crowning coat of arms, emblem of the nobility of the family.

A refined product, therefore, which easily dialogues with portals of lesser workmanship but no lesser value and relevance scattered throughout the country.

There is in fact a considerable nucleus of entrances – all sharing ancient chronologies, the use of stone extracted from local quarries and worked by local craftsmen – offering an extraordinary and varied gallery, which includes, for example, the 16th-century portal of the church Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo (1555), the one shortly after Isabella Caracciolo’s house, and the 17th-century portal of the Carafa della Stadera residence in Via Indipendenza, where the “Ius primae noctis” is documented.

Current photos of the Borgo’s stone portals.

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