MUN - Museum of Man and Nature



The Museum of Man and Nature is a dynamic and multifunctional structure located in Cilento, in Campania, overlooking the Gulf of Policastro.

With an extensive program of exhibitions and events on science, nature, landscaping, technology, theater, music and poetry, the MUN celebrates the beauty and genius of man, declined in all its forms, in order to protect, rediscover and enhance the natural and cultural heritage of the area.

The structure is the result of the courageous recovery of an abandoned quarry, redeveloped and transformed into an amphitheater with an extraordinary panoramic view, thus reworking, in a contemporary key, the tradition of the Magna Graecia theaters.

The MUN is completed by a museum area, located on two levels, the restaurant, an exhibition corner and a multimedia educational center.


Marker (lat: 40.137146615273934, lng: 15.655450097567787)



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