Suctana Door

Arch - Tower


Suctana Door, at Piazza Dante, represented a strategic access to the east of Tortorella and at the greek district of the village, which has become over the centuries, especially during the eighteenth century, key location, as there was the Palace of the lords the feud, the Marquis Carafa Stadera.
The building maintains an original form which suggests an amazing elevation, a double arch of access, the presence of a tower. We are therefore faced with an ancient defensive bulwark of considerable proportions, made of stone blocks worked in ancient times. Near the door there is a lookout tower with a circular plan, a figure that has always characterized the images of the village.

Today it is still a favorite subject of painters and illustrators.


Marker (lat: 40.142271, lng: 15.608984)


XVI Century


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